Recommended Reading June 1, 2020.

Inside the black market trading communities of ‘Animal Crossing’. By Morgan Sung on the Mashable Website.

A Beginner’s Guide To Reading Palms. By Sarah Regan on the Mind Body Green Website.

Smart thermometers could be the secret to reopening schools. A program designed to help school nurses and parents understand virus spread in classrooms is already in 10% of elementary schools. Could it help them reopen faster? By Ruth Reader on the Fast Company Website.

Can the Restaurant Industry Be Saved? Daniel Humm ran a three-star Michelin kitchen. Now, it’s a commissary for frontline workers — and he just may keep it that way. By Ryan Bort on the RollingStone Website.

Jerry Stiller’s Greatest ‘Seinfeld’ Moments. The man behind Frank Costanza died on Monday morning at the age of 92. In his honor, we recount his greatest performances as the hollering, red-faced, Steinbrenner-hating father. By The Ringer Staff on the Ringer Website.

Founding Mothers of Professional Surfing. Lauren L. Hill on the early trailblazers who fought for equal pay and established the sport on a global scale. By Lauren L. Hill on the Gestalten Website.

The First Shot: Inside the Covid Vaccine Fast Track. The very first vaccine candidate entered human trials—and Neal Browning’s arm—on March 16. Behind the scenes at Moderna and the beginning of an unprecedented global sprint.. By Brooke Jarvis on the Wired Website.

How the Coronavirus is Killing the Middle Class. By Eliza Griswold on the New Yorker Website.

Thousands Are Headed to Alaska’s Fishing Towns. So Is the Virus. As the famed Copper River salmon season begins, isolated fishing towns are bracing for an influx of workers and their first brush with the coronavirus. By Mike Baker on the New York Times Website.

North Dakota businesses dominated the PPP. Their secret weapon? A century-old bank founded by radical progressives. By Andrew Van Dam on the Washington Post Website.

How Single People Are Speed-Dating Via Zoom in Light of the Pandemic. By Ciara O’Rourke on the Texas Monthly Website.

The Great Lakes are higher than they’ve ever been, and we’re not sure what will happen next. Lakeside living comes with a new premium: flooding and lots of uncertainty. By Molly Glick on the Popular Science Website.

Before ‘The Last Dance,’ Scottie Pippen delivered six words of trash talk that changed NBA history. By David Fleming on the ESPN Website.

Inside the cleaner (but less convenient) McDonald’s of the future. COVID-19 will change what it’s like to eat at a McDonald’s so much that maybe we’ll just stick to drive-through, By Mark Wilson on the Fast Company Website.

How I Became a Backyard Birdwatcher. These are the tools you need to get started. By Aleta Burchyski on the Outside Website.

A Virtual DJ, a Drone, and an All-Out Zoom Wedding. The bride and groom had a month and a half to move their ceremony online. Here’s how they did it, from the AV setup to instructions for guests. By Nicole Pajer on the Wired Website

The economy is tanking. So why aren’t home prices dropping? COVID-19 has caused volatility in seemingly everything but housing By Jeff Andrews on the Curbed Website.

Running in the Age of Coronavirus. More than 40 years ago, pioneering author Jim Fixx’s best-selling book brought jogging to the masses, espousing its physical and emotional benefits. Now, those themes resonate more than ever with a homebound society. By Chris Ballard on the Sports Illustrated Website.

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