Recommended Reading April 18, 2020

6 Indoor Gardening Projects for *Any* Size of Home. For springy blooms, without having to step outside. By Camryn Rabideau on the Food52 Website.

100+ Fun Things to Do a100+ Fun Things to Do at Home Right Now, From Virtual Tours to Animals Cams and More at Home Right Now, From Virtual Tours to Animals Cams and More. By Tanner Saunders on the Travel + Leisure Website.

The True Costs of the COVID-19 Pandemic. It will kill many directly, but the effort to fight it will incur a huge toll on other aspects of our health and well-being. By Nason Maani and Sandro Galea on the Scientific American Website.

35 Recipes to Make with Hard-Boiled Eggs. By Bon Appetit on the Bon Appetit Website.

Why does India have so few Covid-19 cases and deaths? By Anup Malani, Arpit Gupta and Reuben Abraham on the Quartz Website.

The End of Owning Music: How CDs and Downloads Died. Physical formats are cratering, but vinyl’s niche is growing. Jack White and other experts explain the future of listening. By Steve Knopper on the Rolling Stone Website.

The Battle Over the Sea-Monkey Fortune. By Jack Hitt on the New York Times Website.

Scientists Suggest New Origin Story for ‘Oumuamua, Our Solar System’s First Interstellar Visitor. Perhaps the cigar-shaped object is a shard from a shredded planetary body, a computer simulation suggests. By Katherine J Wu on the Smithsonian Website.

Pass the salt: The minute details that helped Germany build virus defences. By Jorn Poltz and Paul Carrel on the Reuters Website.

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