Recommended Reading April 11, 2020

The Quest for a Pandemic Pill. Can we prepare antivirals to combat the next global crisis? By Matthew Hutson on the New Yorker Website.

How the 5G coronavirus conspiracy theory tore through the internet. From an interview with an obscure Belgian doctor to apparent arson attacks in the UK, the conspiracy theory that 5G is somehow linked to the coronavirus pandemic has spread unlike any other. By James Temperton on the Wired Website.

The Coronavirus Bailout Is Really Going to Screw Over Mom and Pop Businesses. By Jordan Weissman on the Slate Website.

How Passover Brisket Became Texas Barbecue by Max Bonem on The Food and Wine Website.

In the Middle of a Pandemic, There’s Nothing ‘Guilty’ About ‘Guilty Pleasure’ by Jennifer Wiener on the Glamour Website.

How I’m Managing My Own Money Through the Crisis. By Ben Carlson on the A Wealth of Common Sense Website.

Becoming An Investing Buddha on the Safal Niveshak Website.

Climbing the Wealth Ladder. By Nick Maggiulli on the Of Dollars and Data Website.

No, This is Not the Great Depression. By Michael Batnick on the Irrelevant Investor Website.

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