Reading For The Week Of November 10, 2019

Business and Finance

Does Theranos Mark the Peak of the Silicon Valley Bubble? John Carreyrou talks to Nautilus about the lessons of a $1 billion fraud. Silicon Valley has a term for startups that reach the $1 billion valuation mark: unicorns. The term is instructive. It suggests not only that hugely successful startups are rare, but also that there’s something unreal about them. By Michael Segal on the Nautilus Website.

In the rush to harvest body parts, death investigations have been upended. By Melody Peterson on the Los Angeles Times Website.

A Cybersecurity Firm’s Sharp Rise and Stunning Collapse. Tiversa dominated an emerging online market—before it was accused of fraud, extortion, and manipulating the federal government. By Raffi Khatchandourian on the New Yorker Website.

Riding the Unicorn Peloton accidentally built a fitness cult. A business is a little more complicated. By Amy Larocco on The Cut Website.

By Amy Larocca


The Best Warm & Cozy Restaurants Around the Globe. We tapped travel experts at Black Tomato for their recommendations for good vibes—and great food—the world over. By Tom Marchant on the Harpers Bazaar Website


Michael Bloomberg has changed his mind on running for president yet again. Michael Bloomberg said he wouldn’t run for president in March. Now it looks like he’s going to go for it after all. By Emily Stewart on the Vox Website.

Science and Technology Articles

A startup just announced the world’s first fake-meat “steaks” made from fungi. Are we ready? A new class of fungi-based steaks, cultivated from a fast-growing micro-organism, may be a paradigm-shifting meat alternative. I visited Emergy Foods’ Boulder, Colorado headquarters for a taste. By Joe Fassler on the New Food Economy Website.

500 years after the death of Leonardo da Vinci, the Mona Lisa is getting a virtual-reality makeover. How can you bring the most famous painting in the world to a new audience? Doreen Carvajal finds out. On the Independent Website.

This Arctic Community Is Literally Falling Into the Ocean. Some residents of Tuktoyaktuk, on the northern tip of Northwest Territories, are facing relocation as they struggle with melting ground and a rising sea. By Weronika Murray on the Vice Website.

Disease X dummy run: World health experts prepare for a deadly pandemic and its fallout. By Harriet Alexander on the Telegraph Website.

Interstellar space even weirder than expected, NASA probe reveals. The spacecraft is just the second ever to venture beyond the boundary that separates us from the rest of the galaxy. By Michael Greshko on the National Geographic Website.

Tetris: The Soviet ‘mind game’ that took over the world. Jacopo Prisco on the CNN Edition Website.

Social Media

Teens take Instagram seriously — and it’s costing some of them their personal data. Minors on Instagram are switching to business accounts so they can see how many people view their posts, but they are exposing their contact details in the process. By Cyrus Farivar on the NBC News Website.

Facebook might ask for your face to help it identify bots. By Jane Li on the Quartz Website.


Baseball and Belonging: The Anderson Monarchs. As the rising costs of travel ball gentrify the sport, one Little League team in Philadelphia keeps alive a tradition of inner city baseball. By Tim Keown on the Undefeated Website.

I Was the Fastest Girl in America, Until I Joined Nike. Mary Cain’s male coaches were convinced she had to get “thinner, and thinner, and thinner.” Then her body started breaking down. By Mary Cain on the New York Times Website.

The West Eyes Esports Greatness. But Can It Catch South Korea? By Michelle Burton on the OZY Website.

Miscellaneous Articles

The attachment secret: are you a secure, avoidant or anxious partner? It’s difficult to find lasting love, but by recognising your attachment type you can be more conscious in your relationships and stop self-sabotaging. By Elle Hunt on the Guardian Website.

Why do young people join gangs? Members explain the appeal of risk taking. By Robert Hesketh on the Conversation.

My Friend Mister Rogers. I first met him 21 years ago, and now our relationship is the subject of a new movie. He’s never been more revered—or more misunderstood. By Tom Junod on the Atlantic Website.

A Sleeping Chateau, Untouched since the Revolution, is For Sale, By Francky Knapp on the Messy Nessy Chic Website.

A Yellow Brick Road is Paved in Chicago to Mark Former Home of ‘Wizard of Oz’ Author L. Frank Baum. By Laura Staugaitis on the Colossal Website.

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