Tuesday Technology Reading

Here are some of the interesting articles on technology I read last week.

Inside the West’s failed fight against China’s ‘Cloud Hopper’ hackers Eight of the world’s biggest technology service providers were hacked by Chinese cyber spies in an elaborate and years-long invasion, Reuters found. The invasion exploited weaknesses in those companies, their customers, and the Western system of technological defense. By Jack Stubbs, Joseph Menn, and Christopher Bing on the Reuters Website.

A new moon race is on. Is China already ahead? The Trump administration wants to get back to the moon—but Beijing’s single-minded focus could outpace a NASA with competing priorities. By Bryan Bender on The POLITICO Website.

10 Scientifically Impossible Places That Actually Exist on The YouTube Website.

Best Of Its Okay To Be Smart S1 E1 How An Igloo Keeps You Warm on The YouTube Website.

Data Science Papers – Summer 2019 Edition by Ryan Swanstrom on The Data Science 101 Website.

9 Must-have skills you need to become a Data Scientist, updated by Simplilearn on The KDnuggets Website.

Ten random useful things in R that you might not know about by Keith McNulty on The KDnuggets Website.

Facebook Quietly Changes Search Tool Used By Investigators, Abused By Companies. Facebook’s Graph Search allowed anyone to search a wealth of public data on Facebook in very specific ways, such as searching content for key words in a particular point in time. By Joseph Cox on the Vice Website.

The Toolbox Toolbox A curated list of the best analogue and digital toolboxes and methods from companies, institutions and thinkers on the Toolbox Toolbox Website.

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