Tuesday Technology Reading

Here are some articles on Technology, Biotechnology, Science, Social Media and Future Trends that I have seen in the past week. These articles will help you to keep informed on current trends in Technology. Please Share any comments you have after reading the articles.

By The Numbers: 2019 FTI Tech Trend Report This Report is on The Future Today Institute Website. Click on the Link to Get the Full Report.

315 Tech and Science Trends: This is our biggest report tech trends report ever––a 30% increase over last year, when we identified 225 trends and 10 weak signals. This sharp increase has to do with the advancement of many different technologies, which is causing acceleration across many different fields.

6 Weak Signals for 2020: Including materials and biological science as well as quantum computing.

48 Scenarios: 17 are optimistic, 20 are pragmatic, and 11 are catastrophic.

9 Toolkits and Frameworks: We are including practical foresight tools and frameworks that can be implemented by your organization to advance your strategic thinking on these trends.

5 Primers: They are intended for executive leadership and management and cover Artificial Intelligence, Autonomous Transportation, Mixed Reality, Genetic Editing and Blockchain.

3 Glossaries: We’ve identified and defined key terms to help teams get up to speed quickly. They include blockchain, cybersecurity and mixed reality.

50 Cities: For the second year, we are including a list of the world’s smartest cities. We’ve ranked them using a new methodology we developed in the past year. Nordic cities dominate the top ten and make up early a quarter of the entire list. Europe (including the UK) had 13 cities, Asia 9, North America 8, Middle East 4, and South America, Australia and India each had one. No African cities made the list for 2019. 

Mary Meeker’s most important trends on the internet Here are all the slides, plus analysis. By Rani Molla on The Vox Website.

The Titans of Tech 2019 – All Change at the Top. The View From GP Bullhound on The GP Bullhound Website.

WeChat Is Watching Living in China with the app that knows everything about me. By Barclay Bram on The Nautilus Website.

Facebook’s Libra Vs. Bitcoin: 5 Key Differences by Daniel Amerman CFA on The Seeking Alpha Website.

Meet the Billionaire Who Defied Amazon and Built Wish, the World’s Most Down-Loaded E-Commerce App by Parmy Olson on the Forbes Website.

The Hottest Chat App for Teens Is … Google Docs How a writing tool became the new default way to pass notes in class by Taylor Lorenz on The Atlantic Website.

Thomas L. Friedman and James Manyika: The world’s gone from flat, to fast, to deep by the McKinsey Institute Group on the McKinsey Institute Website.

Researchers use magnetically actuated microrobots to deliver stem cells to tissue targets by Bob Yirka on The PHYS Website.

A German Circus Uses Stunning Holograms Instead of Live Animal Performers Circus Roncalli is preserving the tradition of animal acts while eliminating concerns of animal cruelty by Brigit Katz on The Smithsonian Website.


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