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We The Champs: Kawhi, Masai and the Legend of the 2019 Raptors A nomadic former G League coach, a daring front office, untested youngsters, vets who had never experienced this kind of pressure before and a stoic superstar: The Raptors all came together—with an entire nation behind them—to deliver Canada’s first NBA title in a true team effort. By Andrew Sharp on the Sports Illustrated Website.

A 10-Year-Old Just Climbed the Nose She’s the youngest person in history to climb the iconic 3,000-foot route by Chris Van Leuven on The Outside Website.

Hong Kong Is on the Frontlines of a Global Battle For Freedom by Feliz Solomon on the Time Website.

Big Mood Machine Spotify pursues emotional surveillance for global profit by Liz Pelly on the Baffler Website.

Towing an Iceberg: One Captain’s Plan to Bring Drinking Water to 4 Million People Nicholas Sloane has a fix for a country struggling with its supply. By Caroline Winter on The Bloomberg Website.

The Hired Guns of Instagram by Kaitlyn Tiffany on the Vox Website.

Where Does Your Plastic Go? Global Investigation Reveals America’s Dirty Secret on The Guardian Website

The Invisible Victims Two years ago, Ashley Heavy Runner Loring vanished without a trace, like thousands of other Native American women who go missing at alarming rates every year. Around the country, a remarkable movement, driven by Native women themselves, is leading the charge to find them. By Christa Hillstrom on The Marie Claire Website.

Mike Tyson Smokes the Toad What do you do when you hear that Mike Tyson is opening a weed resort in the middle of the California desert? You go investigate. What we found was far more surreal than anyone could have imagined. By Alex Pappademas on The GQ Website.

A Breakthrough in the Mystery of Why Women Get So Many Autoimmune Diseases by Olga Khazan on The Atlantic Website.

All Flint water crisis criminal charges dismissed by attorney general’s office — for now by Paul Eagan on the Detroit Free Press Website.

Rafael Nadal’s Unparalleled Dominance of the French Open by Gerald Marzorati on The New Yorker Website.

The Blues Erase A Half Century of Hockey Anguish In One Night by Terrence Doyle on the FiveThirtyEight Website..

The best streaming service is the National Film Board of Canada by Chris R Morgan The Outline Website.

The Death of the Family Secret by Jeffrey Young on the HuffPost Website.

23 Democrats Are Running for President. Do Any of Them Know What They’re Doing? by By Mark Leibovich on The New York Times Website.

Elizabeth Warren is Completely Serious About income inequality. About corporate power. About corrupt politics. And about being America’s next president by Emily Bazelon on the New York Times Website.

Facebook’s blockchain lead David Marcus: “I want Libra coin to last hundreds of years” With the launch of Libra coin, David Marcus is looking ahead to the future. By Tim Copeland on the Decrypt Website.

This Robot Artist Just Became the First to Stage a Solo Exhibition. What Does That Say About Creativity? by Suyin Haynes on the Time Website.

AI deepfakes are now as simple as typing whatever you want your subject to say A scarily simple way to create fake videos and misinformation by James Vincent on The Verge Website

The Biggest Kidfluencers You Need to Know by Madison Medeiros on the She Knows website.

Rice Will Not Save Your Soggy Smartphone by David Murphy on the Lifehacker Website.

21 Recipes to Take Your Picnic to the Next Level on the Greatist Website.

There’s a Treasure Chest Worth Millions Hidden Somewhere in the Rocky Mountains. These Searchers Are Dedicating Their Lives and Savings to Finding It. by Julia Glum on the Money Website.

VR is training cops to empathize with the people they might kill by Alex Pasternack on the Fast Company Website.

What Really Happened to Malaysia’s Missing Airplane Five years ago, the flight vanished into the Indian Ocean. Officials on land know more about why than they dare to say by William Langewiesche on the Atlantic Website.

The kidnapped Yazidi children who don’t want to be rescued from ISIS by Liz Sly on The Washington Post Website.

Don’t Know Which Toaster to Buy? There’s a Website for That. by Alyssa Bereznac on The Ringer Website.

Marijuana Damages Young Brains. States that legalize it should set a minimum age of 25 or older. By Kenneth L. Davis and Mary Jeanne Kreek on The New York Times Website.

Chao created special path for McConnell’s favored projects A top Transportation official helped coordinate grant applications by McConnell’s political allies. By Tucker Doherty and Tanya Snyder on The POLITICO Website.

Fashion icon and artist Gloria Vanderbilt dies at 95 by Elliott C. McLaughlin on the CNN Website

Inside the black (cherry) market of vintage Kool-Aid packet Collectors by Wil Hodge on The Takeout Website.

Blood, sweat but no tears in Japan’s office chair grand prix by Jack Tarrant, Yoko Kono on the Reuters Website.

Cryotherapy means standing naked in a chamber at -240 degrees. We gave it a try.by Christen A. Johnson on The Chicago Tribune Website.
















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