Topic To Think About: Plastic Pollution

Plastic pollution is a major problem today. We hear daily about climate change but not nearly enough about other dangers to the environment that we have more control over. I agree there is climate change but there has always been climate change. What is up for debate is how much of climate change is due to human activity (A topic for a future post). In regards to plastic pollution there is no doubt that humans are responsible for creating the problem. Unfortunately due to money and convenience taking priority over the environment we continue to mass produce plastic that continues to build up over the entire planet from the highest mountains to the deepest oceans. Now there is evidence that microplastics, small pieces of plastic that cannot be seen by the naked eye, are everywhere in our environment. Microplastics are entering all living things from the organisms that only consist of one cell to all ocean life and mammals (including humans). The effects and problems that microplastics cause in living organisms is not yet known but probably is more harmful than helpful. Here are 16 articles on plastic pollution to give the reader a basic understanding of how plastic pollution is effecting the world we live in. I hope you find these articles as eye-opening as I did. I would be interested in any comments or thoughts you have on plastic pollution. Does anyone else feel we should go back to reusable glass bottles to reduce the number of plastic bottles that continue to build up all over the planet? How do you feel about bans on plastic bags and straws? Is a ban on plastic bags effective if you can still have one by paying ten cents like you do in California? Do you feel like I do that plastic pollution and other dangers to the environment have been forgotten and ignored by most of the media, the public in general, big business and the government due to the mass hysteria and focus on climate change?

1. World Environment Day 2018: ‘Beat Plastic Pollution’ by Alan Taylor on the Atlantic Website. (2018)

2 Five Ways That Plastics Harm The Environment (And One Way They May Help) by GrrlScietist on the Forbes Website. (2018)

4.  The Known Unknown of Plastic Pollution by Justin Hofman on the Economist Website (2018)

5.  We Made Plastic. We Depend on it. Now Were Drowning in it. by Laura Parker on the National Geographic Website. (2018)

6.  Plastic Pollution Harms the Bacteria that Helps Produce the Oxygen we Breathe. by Macquarie University on the ScienceDaily Website. (2019)

7.  Humans Have Made 8.3 Billion Tons of Plastic. Where Does it All Go? by Roni Dengler on the PBS Website. (2017)

8.  Fact Sheet Plastics in the Ocean on the Earthday Website

9.  Great Pacific Garbage Patch National Geographic Resource Library Encyclopedic Entry on the National Geographic Website.

10. Plastic Pollution The Impact of Plastic Pollution on our Oceans and What We Can Do About it on the SLOActive Website. (2019)

11. Seven Charts that Explain the Plastic Pollution Problem on the BBC Website. (2017)

12. 50 Nations Curbing Plastic Pollution by Roger Harrabin on the BBC Website. (2018)

13. Microplastics Have  Invaded the Deep Ocean – And the Food Chain by Christopher Joyce on the PBS Website. (2019)

14. Who Launches Health Review After Microplastics Found in 90% of Bottled Water by Graham Readfearn on the Guardian Website. (2018)

15. Microplastics are Raining Down From the Sky by Stephen Leahy on the National Geographic Website. (2019)

16. Plastic Bag Bans are Spreading. But are They Truly Effective? by Laura Parker on the National Geographic Website. (2019)

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