10 Blogs and Websites to Keep you Updated on the San Francisco Giants

The Giants are having another great even year season. Here is a list of 10 blogs and websites for Giants fans to keep up with their favorite team or just baseball fans in general who want to keep up with the Giants. If your not a Giants fan look for a list of blogs and websites of your favorite team here. I hope to have a list for all the teams in the next few weeks. If your a Giants fan here is the list that should keep you busy and give you a lot to read.

1.  McCovey Chronicles

2. Around The Foghorn

3. Giants Extra -Mercury News

4. The San Francisco Giants Blog

5. The Giants Baseball Blog

6. San Francisco Giants The Splash

7. Bleacher Report – San Francisco Giants

8. When The Giants Come To Town

9. Yardbarker – San Francisco Giants

10. San Francisco Giants Official Major League Website


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