Reading Recommendations January 8, 2020

Culture and Miscellaneous

National Geographic Best Pictures of the Decade on the National Geographic Website.

Three Theories for Why You Have No Time. Better technology means higher expectations, and higher expectations create more work. By Derek Thompson on The Atlantic Website.

Clogging the System: The Feud Over Flushable Wipes. While scientists test claims about bathroom wipes, industry and watchdog groups point fingers over sewer clogs. By Diane Peters on the Undark Website.


Adulting’ is hard. UC Berkeley has a class for that on the Los Angeles Times Website.


The 40 Most Important Restaurants of the Decade. When people look back on this arbitrary demarcation of years, these will be the restaurants that bring time-specific memories flooding back. By Jeff Gordinier on the Esquire Website.

The Absolute Best Way to Fry an Egg, According to 42 Tests. Columnist Ella Quittner never wants to eat another egg again—possibly ever. By Ella Quittner on the Food52 Website.


Silicon Valley’s psychedelic wonder drug is almost here A new startup called MindMed could have the key to providing the upsides of psychedelic drugs for both focus and addiction treatment—while cutting out the downsides of tripping. On the Fast Company Website.


ELIZABETH WARREN The Rolling Stone Interview On the campaign trail in Iowa with the progressive warrior as she tries to prove she’s the Democrats’ best chance to beat Trump. By Tessa Stuart on The Rolling Stone Website.

Science and Technology

What we know about you when you click on this article. Vox has a pretty typical privacy policy. That doesn’t make it great. If you’re reading this story on, we have probably already collected quite a few bits of information about you. We, as well as our third-party advertisers, likely know which type of device you’re on, what browser you’re using, what you do on our site (which articles you read, how long you stay, what ads you visit), and what site you visit next when you click somewhere else. We know where you are based on your device’s IP address — a unique identifier assigned to each device connected to the internet — but don’t use GPS to actively track your location. On The Vox Website.

A chance encounter between a fruit fly and a pail of milk gave us cheese by John Morrissey on the Quartz Website.

Tech’s Rich and Powerful Are So Over Their Gadgets. Devices are cooling down as tech’s elite moves on to less tangible signifiers of wealth and luxury. By Blake Montgomery on The Daily Beast Website.

Can algae save the planet by changing the way we eat? By Alexandra Ossola on The Quartz Website


The Nine Plays That Explain Joe Burrow’s Rise From QB Afterthought to Heisman Legend. Before this season, Burrow was a run-of-the-mill LSU quarterback. Now, he’s the clear choice for the Heisman and having the greatest passing season in college football history. His career arc—much like his game—is a miracle. By Roger Sherman on The Ringer Website.

Jalen Hurts has captivated two of college football’s most rabid fan bases by Ivan Maisel on The ESPN Website.

Will Antonio Brown ever return to the pros? Inside his complicated NFL legacy. By Jeremy Fowler on The ESPN Website.

True Crime

7 strangest crypto busts in recent history. Here are some of the weirdest interactions normal police have had with the frankly bizarre world of cryptocurrency. And how much was stolen. On The Decrypt Website.

Art Forgery Is Easier Than Ever, and It’s a Great Way to Launder Money. More and more rich people are buying art and stashing it in strange places. According to infamous scammers, it’s not even close to legit. By Mary Pilon on the Vice Website.

Hackers Hijack Ring Cameras by Cracking Passwords. In the past week, the culprits have victimized at least three families by using the camera’s voice function to hurl racial insults and conduct pranks. Ring itself wasn’t hacked, but Ring owners should consider activating two-factor authentication on their accounts to stay safe. By Michael Kan on the PC Magazine Website.

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