Reading For The Week of December 30, 2019


Apple built a $1 trillion empire on two metaphors. One is breaking. By Cliff Kuang on The Fast Company Website.

Google Shakes Up Its ‘TGIF’—and Ends Its Culture of Openness. Amid leaks and protests, CEO Sundar Pichai is drastically shrinking the company-wide meeting that was once a symbol of Google’s idealism. By Steven Levy on The Wired Website.

AI is coming for white-collar workers. By Erica Pandey and Kim Hart on The Axios Website.


Why millennials never want to leave their apartment anymore. By Sarah Todd on The Quartzy Website.

Learn to love the outdoors the Scandinavian way with friluftsliv. No, it’s not a typo – it’s the Scandinavian philosophy of outdoor living. But you don’t need to live next door to a fjord to do it – you can create your own mini outdoor adventures wherever you call home, says Alice Whitehead. On The Calm Moment Website.

The Three Personalities of America. People in different regions of the U.S. have measurably different psychological profiles. By Olga Khazan on The Atlantic Website.

Best Thanksgiving Songs: 20 Essential Tracks For Your Holiday Playlist. From deep funk cuts to snazzy jazz numbers, the best Thanksgiving songs focus on food and gratitude for the holidays. By Larry Stavropoulos on The U Discover Music Website.


Place-Kicking Mules, Alien Cats, and a Surplus of Gambling: 12 Hours of Watching Disney+. One brave staffer streamed Mouse House content for half a day and found some … pretty strange stuff in the archives. By Miles Surrey on The Ringer Website.

Spotify’s Daniel Ek Has a Plan to Harness Hollywood for Podcasts and Create “the World’s No. 1 Audio Platform” . By Natalie Jarvey on The Hollywood Reporter Website.

Food and Drink

Bartenders Share Their Buzziest Booze-Free Holiday Cocktails For The Sober-Curious Partygoer. By Olivia Harrison on The Refinery29 Website.


We’re mentally exhausted from living the 9 to 5, here’s how to get a work/life balance back. There’s a new wellness revolution tipping the work/life scales in our favour… By Ali Pantony on The Glamour Website.


The Other Side of the Mountain. By Paul George on The Players Tribute Website.

Heading and dementia: are footballers putting themselves at risk?A new study has revealed that footballers are more likely to die of degenerative brain disease than non-players. Former pro footballers have called for a ban on heading, and the Scottish Football Association announced last month they were considering a ban for children under 12. But what does the research say? By Amy Barrett on The Science Focus Website.


Why the Hubble is unlike any other satellite in history. In this excerpt from her book Handprints on Hubble: An Astronaut’s Story of Invention, the first American woman to walk in space tells what it was like to be part of the team that designed and launched the space telescope. By Katherine Sullivan on The MIT Technology Website.

Cybercrime Booms As Scammers Hack Human Nature To Steal Billions. By Martin Kaste on The NPR Website.

Costume design for animated movies is ridiculously difficult. The team behind Frozen 2 explains why. How dresses of velvet and ice are animated. Plus, Anna gets a new hairstyle. By Taylor Bryant on The Vox Website.

Ticketmaster’s Anti-Scalping Technology Actually Helps Scalpers, Not Fans. Buying tickets on Ticketmaster continues to be a complete disaster for everyone who doesn’t make a living buying tickets. By Jason Koebler on The Vice Website.

True Crime and The Legal System

The Strange Life and Mysterious Death of a Virtuoso Coder. Jerold Haas was on the brink of blockchain riches. Then his body was found in the woods of southern Ohio. By Brendan I. Koerner on The Wired Website.

American horror story’: The prison voices you don’t hear from have the most to tell us. By Melissa Brown on The Montgomery Advertiser.

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