Tuesday Reading – Technology (July 16, 2019)

Here are some interesting technology articles I read during the past week.

A.I.’s Minority Report for retail: They know you’ll return it even before you buy it. Retail can be a game, a game that Indian online apparel retailer Myntra is learning to play better by predicting people’s propensity to return what’s in their shopping cart before they purchase, and using rewards and punishments to block returns. By Tiernan Ray on The ZD Net Website.

The Pentagon’s New Laser-Based Tool Uses Your Heartbeat to Track You by Shelly Fan on The Singularity Hub Website.

New Workers Of The World. A yearlong project to capture the voices of workers facing unprecedented global change by Vauhini Vara on The Bloomberg Website.

Email is the new voicemail by Jeva Lange on The Week Website.

The Slackification of the American Home. Stretched for time, some households are starting to operate more like businesses. By Taylor Lorenz and Joe Pinsker on The Atlantic Website.

An ‘EpiPen’ for spinal cord injuries on The University of Michigan Website.

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