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     Here are some of the most interesting articles I read during the week. Hope you find something you like. Let me know your thoughts about any of the articles you read.

The Forest Hidden Behind the Canyons In the valley that spans the Utah-Arizona border, twin cities, born of the Latter-day Saints church’s foundations, are rebuilding themselves after years of abuse, corruption, and manipulation—while holding firm to core beliefs. Their progress tells us a lot about community, and the state of plural marriage, in modern America. By Tove K. Danovich on The Ringer Website.

I First Had Lyme Disease in 2010. I Never Really Got Better. The author has spent a decade fighting persistent Lyme disease symptoms — and convincing those who don’t believe him that his illness is real by Karl Bode on The Medium Website.

Can Democrats Win Back the Internet In the Age of Trump? As the curtain rises on the 2020 election, Democrats are still clinging to the quaint notion that political discourse on the internet will fix itself, that facts and reason will somehow overcome the baser human instincts that gave rise to Trump. A group of rebellious tech start-ups is trying to change that—by fighting back against Trump on his terms. Can it work? By Peter Hamby on The Vanity Fair Website.

In the Alaska-Yukon wilderness, wildlife crime fighter face a daunting task. There is a growing need to patrol this wildlife-rich expanse, but resources are scant. By Katarzyna Nowak on The National Geographic Website.

Can parks help cities fight crime? By Lincoln Larson and S. Scott Ogletree on The Conversation Website.

The Right Motivational Playlist Could Have a Powerful Effect on High-Intensity Workouts The results are as much physical as they are psychological. By Emma Betuel on The Inverse Website. 

‘What’s a Scarlet Letter?’ The Improbable Reinvention of A-Rod Yes, Alex Rodriguez is engaged to Jennifer Lopez. Yes, they spend their days frolicking across the celebrity landscape, from the Oscars to the Met Gala. But here’s the really crazy part: He’s popular. By Ben Reiter on The Sports Illustrated Website.

36 Hours With Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. By Bridget Read on The Vogue Website.

The Flight of the Texas Fireflies Although they’re on the rebound in Central Texas, these magical flying beetles aren’t lighting up the sky like they used to. A New Braunfels expert says they’re still out there if you know where to look. By John Nova Lomax On The Texas Monthly Website.

Why So Many Horses Have Died at Santa Anita by Joe Drape and Corina Knoll on The New York Times Website.

Millennials Are Finally Getting The Giant Roll Of Toilet Paper They Deserve The inside story on how Charmin came up with a giant roll that lasts a month. By Katie Notopoulos on The BuzzFeed News Website.

The future of your face Isobel Thompson traces the backlash against facial recognition. From police biometrically mapping faces to nationwide watch-lists, will the balance between citizens and the state soon topple? By Isobel Thompson on The Face Website.

11 life-saving skills everyone should know by Savanna Swain-Wilson on The Inside Website.

The 31 Best Beach Reads, According to Your Favorite Writers Everyone from Marlon James to Ottessa Moshfegh on what you should read this summer. Bythe GQ Editors on The GQ Website.

When Daylight Kills India’s XP Children.  Up to one in 370 Indians suffers from a genetic condition which causes skin to burn and take on a blistering, scaly appearance. Joe Wallen discovers how corneal transplants are bringing hope to those living in the shadows. This article is on The Telegraph Website.

The Nonprofit Hospital That Makes Millions, Owns a Collection Agency and Relentlessly Sues the Poor. Nonprofit hospitals pay virtually no local, state or federal income tax. In return, they provide community benefits, including charity care to low-income patients. In Memphis, Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare has brought 8,300 lawsuits for unpaid medical bills in just five years. By Wendi C. Thomas on The ProPublica Website.

How 24,000 Tweets Tell You What the Democratic Candidates Care About by Allison McCartney on The Bloomberg Website.

One of America’s most popular furniture styles was invented by a celibate religious sect. The Shakers valued honesty, simplicity, and utility By Diana Budds on The Curbed Website.

What It’s Really Like To Do Social Media For A Major Food Brand by Cait Munro on The Refinery29 Website.

The 2020 Dems Have Oddly Similar Memoirs. Can You Tell Them Apart? They’re all friends with the working class. They all really admire MLK. So who’s who? By Katelyn Fossett, Beatrice Jin and Erin Aulov on The POLITICO Website.

‘How Much Is a Little Girl Worth?’: The Painful Financial Fallout of the Larry Nassar Case. For the athletes and patients sexually assaulted by the former USA Gymnastics doctor, the difficult math of negotiating a settlement brings trauma of another kind. By Mary Pilon on The Fortune Website.

Hooked A raging heroin addiction fueled a former Boeing engineer’s yearlong, 30-bank robbery spree. By Josh Dean on The Bloomberg Website.

The Chalk Market: Where Mathematicians Go to Get the Good Stuff by Colby McDonald on The U.C. Berkley Website.








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