Thursday Reading – Sports

Here are some of the best sports articles I read last week.

Why the collapse of the Warriors feels so abrupt by Zach Lowe on The ESPN Website.

Coco Gauff and the Legality of the Teenage Professional Athlete by Michael McCann on The Sports Illustrated Website.

‘What’s a Scarlet Letter?’ The Improbable Reinvention of A-Rod Yes, Alex Rodriguez is engaged to Jennifer Lopez. Yes, they spend their days frolicking across the celebrity landscape, from the Oscars to the Met Gala. But here’s the really crazy part: He’s popular. By Ben Reiter on The Sports Illustrated Website.

Can Lacrosse Work As a Professional Sport? The Premier Lacrosse League—founded by star player Paul Rabil and his brother, Mike—wants to make the club-dominated sport into a moneymaking phenomenon. Does the world need more lax bros? And can the U.S. support another professional sports league? By Katie Baker on The Ringer Website.

The Rare Greatness of Max Scherzer Has Never Been More Evident by Tom Verducci on The Sports Illustrated Website

For Emma Gee, being the only out LGBTQ athlete at BYU is complicated by Scott Gleeson on The USA Today Website.


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