Wednesday Travel Reading

     Here are articles about interesting places around the world and other aspects of travel. Leave any thoughts you have in the comments if you find anything of interest.

The Top 197 Countries in the World You Should Visit by Derek on The Wandering Earl Website.

The 10 Best Day Trips From Paris on The Nomadic Matt Website.

The R&K Guide To Edinburgh – Scotland’s fortress capital wears its past proudlywhether as a center of learning and literature, a treasure-trove of medieval relics, or as the stage for bloody battles and gleefully macabre folklore. Today, it’s a small, confident, and absurdly good-looking city, home to the world’s largest arts festival, rich with great restaurants, cozy pubs—and no small amount of whisky. Those who drop anchor in Edinburgh share a smug delight in having discovered this chilly, beautiful corner of Britain. Just pack a jacket. On The Roads and Kingdoms Website.

Become a Travel Influencer and Get Paid to Travel by Stephen Gollan on The Uncharted Backpacker Website.

Secrets Of The Ring Road: Iceland’s Epic Road Trip (Complete Guide) by Matthew Karsten on The Expert Vagabond Website.

Why I Love Saigon by Jodi Ettenberg  on The Legal Nomads Website.

The Lost City Trek, Colombia: All You Need to Know by Audrey Scott on The Uncornered Market Website

The 15 Best Walking Tours in Boston on the Nomadic Website.

15 Amazing and Unique Places to Visit in Georgia by Cynthia on The Journal of Nomads Website.

The Very Best Things to do in Santorini by Dave and Deb on The Planet D Website.


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