Interesting Article Reading List August 2018

Here are some interesting articles I read from around the internet in August 2018:

Meet Cody Wilson, the Austin man behind the fight over 3D printed guns. By Chuck Lindell in American Statesman.

El Chapo And The Secret History Of The Heroin Crisis. By Don Winslow in Esquire.

How Heroin Came For Middle-Class Moms.  Women have moved from popping prescription painkillers to shooting up street drugs.  And they’re dying because of it in staggering, skyrocketing numbers. By Haley Krischer in Marie Claire.

California homeowners get to pass low property taxes to their kids. It’s has proved highly profitable to an elite group.  By Liam Dillion and Ben Poston In the Los Angeles Times.

The Lifespan Of A Lie  The most famous psychology study of all time was a sham. Why cant’t we escape the Stanford Prison Experiment?   By Ben Blum in Medium

The Mormon Church Doesn’t Want To Be Called “Mormon” Anymore. The faith would prefer to be called “the Church,” “the Church of Jesus Christ,” or “the restored  Church of Jesus Christ.” By Jim Dalrymple II in BuzzFeed.

Taibbi: Censorship Does Not End Well. How America learned to stop worrying and put Mark Zuckerberg in charge of everything. By Matt Taibbi in RollingStone

AP Exclusive: Google tracks your movements, like it or not. By Ryan Nakashima on the AP News website.

Dude, She’s (Exactly 25 Percent) Out of Your League. A massive new study of online dating finds that everyone dates aspirationally–and that a woman’s desirability peaks 32 years before a man’s does.  By Robinson Meyer in the Atlantic.

America’s Invisible Pot Addicts. More and more Americans are reporting near-constant cannabis use, as legalization forges ahead. By Annie Lowery in the Atlantic.

Legal Weed:  How Republicans Came to Love Marijuana.  By Alexandra Hutzler in Newsweek.

Take Control of Your Learning at Work By Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic in The Harvard Business Review.

Baloney Meter: Is flow of asylum seekers at Canada-U.S. border a crisis? By Joan Bryden in the Canadian Press.

Vitamin D, the Sunshine Supplement, Has Shadowy Money Behind It.  The doctor most responsible for creating a billion dollar juggernaut has received hundreds of thousands of dollars from the vitamin D industry.  By Liz Szabo in the New York Times.

The Three Hundred Secrets To High Stock Returns: Has The Hunt For Investable Factors Gone To Far? By Michael Maiello in Chicago Booth Review.

T Boone Pickens On Selling The Ranch By Loren Steffy in Texas Monthly.

Delayed Trane: John Coltrane’s Lost Album: The Inside Story of “Both Directions at Once” By Michael J. West in JazzTimes.

The Half- Life of Investment Strategies By Ben Carlson CFA on his blog A Wealth Of Common Sense.

The unreality of luck: Optimist believe in good luck, pessimists in bad. But if it is all a matter of perspective, does luck even exist? By Steven Hales in Aeon.

Surprise Gift: Free Tuition for All N.Y.U. Medical Students. By David W. Chen in the New York Times.





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